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About Shiloh Baptist Church


To witness faithfully in our given communities so that others might understand salvation and encounter Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

To serve this present age as a caring, sharing and daring fellowship, transformed into agents of change in meeting the needs of individuals, communities and the global vision.

Shiloh Baptist Church - a place of peace where Jesus is Lord, people are loved and the peace and power of the Holy Spirit prevails!


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Services are Tuesday at 7:00 PM
Sunday at 10:00 AM

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Happening at Shiloh

Meet Our Pastor and Ministers

Pastor H.K. Hamilton


Pastor Hodari K. Hamilton, SR

Rev Sheila L. Thorpe

Assistant Pastor

Rev. Sheila L. Thorpe

Worship Leader

Worship Leader

Wendell Woods
Minister of Music

Minister Brian Johnson

Young Adult &
Youth Leader

Minister Brian Johnson


Serving Plainfield and Surrounding Communities Since 1908





515 West Fourth Street
       Plainfield, New Jersey 07060