Deacon Family Ministry Project

In November 1998 Shiloh launched the Deacon Family Ministry Project (DFMP). The members have mobilized their efforts and gifts to care for each other and to develop outreach ministries for the various communities which constitute the entire church membership.

The deacons are a team of chosen vessels mandated by the Holy Spirit to lead this church into the future. The goals of the Deacon Family Ministry Project include the following:

  • Meet with and develop a rapport with assigned families (cell groups).

  • Create a working fellowship among cell group members that ensures that families know each other and are available to meet special family and individual needs.

  • Develop a leadership nucleus that supports each deacon and the fellowship at large.

  • Host an in-home bible study fellowship once a month and encourage cell group members to invite non-church friends or neighbors.

  • Create a line of communication within the group ministry.

  • Provide a means for enhancing the prayer life of the group both individually and collectively.

  • Encourage every member to support the church ministries with their talent, time, and treasure.

For more information about this ministry or if you would like to volunteer, please contact: Deacon James Davis at 908-754-3353.



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