Music Ministry

"Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise."
(Psalm 33:3 - KJV)

Choral Program

The Children's Hour of Pow'r Singers
The Children's Hour of Pow'r (CHOP) is for children ages 3 through 8. Its members are taught songs that lift up the name of Jesus Christ and emphasize self-esteem. Children meet new friends and strive to increase their memory. New songs are taught that challenge the thought process and strengthen a child's singing ability.

God's Gift of Praise Young People's Choir
God's Gift of Praise is open to members of Shiloh who range in ages 9 through high school. This choir seeks to develop the spiritual maturity of its members and provide musical opportunities that promote Christian living.

The Exceptional Men of Shiloh
The Exceptional Men of Shiloh is a chorale organized to strengthen the presence and leadership of men within the church. It is a very versatile group that performs all types of music and stands ready to serve our church at worship services and programs.

Rejoice Rejoice is a contemporary vocal ensemble that expresses itself through Christian music with a contemporary/urban contemporary flair. Although primarily designed to attract the younger adult generation, participants may range in age from high school through middle aged adults who are able to adapt to this style of ministerial exspression.

The Mass Choir The Mass Choir is the primary church choir that ministers during the majority of our worship services, church outings, and special events. It is a versatile choir that renders Christian music of all genres. This choir is open to all adult members of the Shiloh church.

SHABACH - Worship and Praise Team In the 100th Psalm, the body of Christ is exhorted to make a "joyful noise" unto God and in doing so, to come before His presence singing. SHABACH is a vocal ensemble selected to lead the congregation in songs of worship and praise. SHABACH means "to address in a loud tone: to shout."

Instrumental Program

The Instruments of Praise All of the choirs and all of the worship services of the Shiloh Baptist Church are complimented by a group of trained, skilled and Spirit-filled instrumentalists. In addition to the piano and organ, drums, lead, and bass guitar complete the main band. Brass and wind instrumentalists accompany on occasion to add an extra special touch.

Plans are underway to further develop this component of our music ministry. In addition to the "Instruments of Praise" - our church band, other instrumental groups will include:

The Church Orchestra
Chamber Orchestras
Brass Ensemble
The String Quartet
The Shiloh Ringers (Handbells)


In addition to our Minister of Music, the Shiloh Music Ministry is led by an excellent team of individuals who serve as instrumentalists, directors, and officers. They are as follows:


Mr. Brandon McCune, Musical Director - Keyboards
Mr. Keith Marshall, Assoc. Musician - Drums/Percussion
Mr. Anthony Nelson, Assoc. Musician - Woodwinds
Mr. Jerome Mitchell, Assoc. Musician - Lead Guitar
Mr. John "Matt" Clark, Assoc. Musician - Bass Guitar


Ms. Donna McGregor, Assoc. Director - C.H.O.P. Singers


Ms. Carol Hall, Activities Administrator -"Mass Choir"
Deacon Sheldon Finney, Activities Administrator - "The Exceptional Men of Shiloh"
Mrs. Paula Nelson, Activities Administrator - "Rejoice"
Ms. Claudette Lovely-Brown, Team Leader - "Shabach"

For more information about this ministry or if you would like to volunteer, please contact: Wendell C. Woods at 908-754-3353 Ext. 118



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