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Ministries of Shiloh

Beautification Ministry

  Budget Ministry

Building Upkeep Ministry

Children's Hour of Pow'r

Christian Education

Culinary Arts Ministry

Food Pantry

Deacon Family Ministry



College Connection

Finance Committee

Cordials Ministry of First Impressions

Website Ministry

Grief and Caring Ministry 

Liturgical Dance Ministry

Jazz in the Sanctuary


Martial Arts Ministry

Media Ministry

Music Ministry

Nurses Ministry

Missionaries/Women and Men in Action

Nurtury Ministry

Prayer is Essential

Prison Ministry

Women’s Fellowship

PTL Ministry

Repast Hospitality 

Men’s Fellowship 

Healty & Wellness

Seasoned Citizens

Seeds of Faith

Health & Wellness


Trustees Ministry

UpLift Ministry

Usher Ministry

VBS Ministry

Lord's Kitchen

Youth Ministry

Security Ministry

Travel Ministry

Open Hand Ministry