MINISTRY BIBLE VERSE: “Brothers and sisters, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them.” ACTS 6:3 - NIV

Our Mission and Purpose

The Deacons are a team of chosen vessels mandated by the Holy Spirit to lead the church into the future and appointed by the pastor. Therefore – each man should ask the Lord for guidance to complete his task. The Deacon Family Ministry is charged with the responsibility to further enhance the deacon’s individual calling given by God to serve as a deacon. Every deacon must be committed, capable and creative in this new venture of the pastoral ministry.

Through the Deacon Family Ministry Every Deacon is to:

  • Meet with every family in his cell group and aim to develop a rapport with the members.
  • Organize his group into a working fellowship whereas the families will know each other and be available to meet special family and individual needs.
  • Develop a leadership nucleus that can support him and the fellowship at large.
  • Hold a bible study fellowship once a month for the group in a home. Ask for volunteers to host a study. Engage the entire fellowship to participate and invite friends, families and neighbors.
  • Create a line of communication within the group ministry. If someone needs a ride to church this should be the first means of contact. Members who have family or a friend who transition should feel the support and love of their cell group.
  • Provide a means for enhancing the prayer life of the group both individually and collectively. Activate a prayer line for the group or enlist a support person to lead this effort. Prayer is the key!
  • Encourage every member to support the church ministries with their talent, time, and treasure.
  • Goal: deacons will witness/evangelize in the communities they currently serve.

Ministry Meeting Schedule

1st Monday of each month and as needed

CONTACT NAME: Deacon James Davis, Chairman





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