Mission Statement of Shiloh
Baptist Church

Our mission is- We exist to help people grow in grace and give God Glory. Our mission is taken from 2 Peter 3:18. But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen. Our core values are taken from four key words;

Grow — Strive to develop,

Grace — Show excessive kindness,

Give — Share in meaningful ways

Glory — Surrender to Christ in worship.

Our Dream to Grow

We are believers in dreaming big. We dream not despite of the reality but because of reality. Because there are so many unchurched and unsaved in New Jersey and surrounding counties, we have to dream bigger. Because there are so many who are hurting and unhappy, frustrated and forgotten and most of all unsaved, we dream bigger.

We have to dream big; dreams for our community and our children. For the fatherless child and the mother who lacks support. We have to dream bigger. For the homeless and the incarcerated and the addicted and the sick we have to dream and then allow God to draw the map for changing our world through us. With this map we will continue our mission to grow and then help people grow in grace and give God glory.

We dream to help people grow deeper in every area of life; in their marriages, ministries, mentality and mission.

We dream so people will grow to be the spouse or single, the best parent or child, the person God has made them to be.

We dream to grow to be 1000 people growing grace groups; growing deeper roots in Jesus Christ and the body of Shiloh Baptist Church.

We dream to grow 500 people in various ministries participating at all levels using their gift to build the body.

We dream to grow 300 people in Bible Studies throughout the week at various times and places.

We dream to grow 200 leaders being built and building this body of Christ with a spirit of peace, passion and prayer.

We dream to grow to impact surrounding communities and farther areas in Jesus Christ. Shiloh, a place of peace where people are loved and Jesus is Lord.


Serving Plainfield and Surrounding Communities Since 1908





515 West Fourth Street
       Plainfield, New Jersey 07060